Setting up and managing international business is a challenge. Even bigger challenge often is setting up international corporate bank account since your local corporate account is mainly suited for local business only and you may have no idea of where and which bank to choose.

International banks have services specifically designed for international businesses. They

  • understand your international or offshore set up (no problem for opening of account for offshore registered company)
  • provide tailored services – access to bank online and phone 24/7, quick international transfers
  • offer internationally accepted charge cards
  • offer business overdraft for international needs
  • offer deposit accounts with attractive interest rates and multiple currencies
  • provide international commercial lending/mortgages
  • have personnel speaking in English and familiar with international businesses

International banking can be set up in different jurisdictions. Most popular for European businesses are Gibraltar, Malta, Cyprus, Latvia, Luxembourg. For offshore businesses popular are Belize, St Grenadines, Bermuda, Singapore, Seyshelles, Mauritius, Cayman and other.

We have set up this business in order to collate information on a wide range of  international banking solutions which helps international people and businesses in making their own informed choice of the best international bank for their needs.

We provide individuals and businesses with the following services:

  • ANALYSIS: Analysis of client background, requirements and preferences
  • BANK AND SERVICE SEARCH: Matching client requirements and background with the banks which offer those services most closely.
  • COMPARISON: Provision of comparisons on banks profile and charging structure.
  • PRE-VETTING: Time saving by pre-vetting profiles provided to both bank and client before application
  • INTRODUCTION:  Client introduction to the chosen bank, assistance with document collation.
  • VERIFICATION: Liaising with the client and the bank to ensure all required documents are in order
  • MONITORING:  Monitoring the account opening process until the accounts are opened
  • TRIAGE: A review to identify any other banking or any relevant non banking related requirements that need attention.

We can provide information on the whole range of banking services including:

  • INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS/CORPORATE BANKING – start ups, switching banks, current bank accounts, international payments, internet/telephone banking, savings/deposits, credit/debit cards, finance and borrowing, guarantees, factoring, trade finance, custody and investments, lending/overdrafts, mortgages, guarantees, forex, import/export bills and up to asset finance and capital markets (M&A, bond issue, hedging, derivatives, syndicate loans, etc)

Our relationships are not with banks as institutions. We select and work with best individuals representing particular banks who we have great relationship with and who are looking after our clients as their own. Feel free to navigate the site and to contact us to receive help with setting up international banking!

We do not provide any financial advice as we are Independent Introductory Organisation. We are not a bank, certified financial or investment adviser, securities dealer or broker.

List of documents required for opening a corporate bank account


A legalized set of company documents consisting of:

  • Certificate of Incorporation,
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association,
  • Documents confirming the appointment of company directors and secretary (if any),
  • A document confirming the location of the registered office,
  • Share Certificate(s),
  • Certificate of Good Standing if the company is more than 12 months old.

The company directors, secretary (if any), shareholders/beneficial owners and account signatories should provide:

  • Certified/Notarized copy of the passport;
  • Confirmation of residential address through the original or certified copy of a utility or fixed telephone bill, a bank account or credit card statement, dated within the last 3 months;
  • banker’s reference. You can obtain an original Bank Reference from your bank and send it to us or ask your bank to send it to us directly.

We usually review scanned set of documents in advance of asking you to send originals or certified copies.

It is difficult to assist one without knowing your business needs. Please complete the form below and we will get in touch to organise the best solution for you!