Portfolio Clinic H2B

What is a Portfolio Clinic?

A gateway to gain analysis from well know reputable and regulated financial institutions will give independent breakdown of your portfolios returns versus fees applied.

We can help obtain and collate independent analysis of your investment portfolio for no charge. As the service is provided with no obligation you can then go back to your portfolio manager and ask for adjustments if that is what you choose to do.

We will not give any financial advice as we are not a bank, certified financial or investment adviser, securities dealer or broker.; this is left to the qualified and regulated financial managers of your choice.

What does the Clinic do?

The analysis will include:

  • A check on management and transaction fees as well as any other built charges or remunerations your existing managers receive.
  • A breakdown also can help if you want to know how your portfolio is being managed and if it’s performing better or worse asset class by asset class against the market.
  • It can act as spot-check to ensure that portfolio strategy is actively managed and check that allocation is corresponding to current market conditions.
  • It can help you check if portfolio is still aligned with your current risk profile.
  • Using regression analysis and historical market data checks will be made to see how successful performance and allocation has been against market conditions over a longer period of time.  
  • The clinic provides an opportunity to review your investment and be objective on how performance has really been.

Perhaps you think its just time to invite new opinions into how your portfolio is maintained to make use of fresh pairs of eyes looking at your investments. We can help you gather together all that independent analysis of your investment portfolio for free. 

Send us your portfolio statement along with your latest investor profile form and we can arrange the rest.

Contact us now if you think your portfolio needs a health check: