Bank accounts and cards: How2Bank – it has become more difficult than ever, but we still have solutions!

  • introduction to the BANK and assistance with application after prevetting:
    • personal account or business account
      • NEWaccount in the Bank in Puerto Rico (US territory)
      • account opening without bank visit: Mauritius, Cyprus, Isle of Man (personal), etc.
      • account opening with payment platforms as alternative to banking – huge savings on fees for transfers and fx (some offer account in company name with IBAN, some need existing bank acc) Remote opening on document scans.
      • with bank visit: almost anywhere, subject to free prevetting. Most popular: Latvia, Czech, Poland, Hungary, Dubai, Singapore, Gibraltar, Malta, UK
  • NEW: How2Coin – bank accounts for DLT and Cryptocurrency businesses
  • How2Cards
    • Prepaid Cards: (in EUR, GBP, USD) not linked to banks, no reporting, ideal for travel and online payments
      • need only passport and proof of address, (only in EU), max load 5k per transfer, can send funds from 3rd party to the card
    • Card Acquiring  – merchant accounts to accept card payments for businesses
  • How2Fx – Foreign Exchange platforms – savings from 2% compared to bank rates on foreign exchange, 1 day opening. Free transfers worldwide. Cards and IBAN may be included.
  • How2Mortgage and How2Insure: Intros to the banks and international mortgage and insurance brokers

Who are we?

How2Bank is an international banking agency and is part of the Introductory organisation How2Agency Limited which is incorporated in Gibraltar.

We are the team of former bank managers with more than 20 years experience in the financial services industry including successful careers in banking, insurance, capital markets as well as real estate. Our experience also extends into hospitality, marketing, IT and consulting. During many years of work in the international environment we have understood the needs and challenges of internationally mobile people and how organisations can satisfy those needs. We have done a thorough research on more than 200 banks and 300 service providers and, as a result, developed extensive worldwide network of trusted contacts with the selected service providers in various industries.

You don’t have to look for solution anymore – speak with us and we will help you to source solutions quickly and easily.

What do we do?

Our company goal is to empower our clients with information and allow them to make informed choices.

We provide detailed ‘like for like’ comparisons to empower our clients with a platform to make more informed choices. Clients use the information we hold to help them meet their own identified objectives.  We deliver comprehensive and accurate information, which allows our clients to compare and then, to take the appropriate action within a highly efficient framework. We introduce client to the selected provider in the way that client does not have to explain his needs and profile again, and provider knows exactly what client needs and does not need to “sell” as client has all info about the company already.

As a result:

Our clients benefit from receiving unbiased factual information about the required service independently, and can locate the best solution for their needs without having to deal with pressure of provider sales force.

Our providers benefit from high quality introduction and knowing exactly who our clients are, and what their needs are, as well as clients are well informed about the chosen provider in advance. The provider doesn’t have to convince the client to use their services, as client has already made a choice!

We work with international banks in various jurisdictions including, but not limited to- Gibraltar, London, Isle of Man, Jersey, Malta, Cyprus, Spain, Latvia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Singapore, Hong Kong, Caribbean Islands, Australia and other. We expand our matrix of banking affiliates on a daily basis, driven by our clients demand.

We can provide information and solutions on the whole range of banking services including:

  • INTERNATIONAL PERSONAL BANKING  – bank current accounts, savings, cards, forex, private banking, investments / financial advice, wealth management, mortgages, repossessed properties, lending, pensions
  • INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS/CORPORATE BANKING – start ups, switching banks, current bank accounts, international payments, internet/telephone banking, savings/deposits, credit/debit cards, finance and borrowing, guarantees, factoring, trade finance, custody and investments, lending/overdrafts, mortgages, guarantees, forex, import/export bills and up to asset finance and capital markets (M&A, bond issue, hedging, derivatives, syndicate loans, etc)

How do we do things differently?

We do not provide any form of professional advice as we are “Introductory Organisation” to our network of service providers. We are not a bank, certified financial or investment advisory, securities dealer , Stock or insurance brokerage. We believe our clients are very capable of making their own informed decisions concerning their personal and financial affairs. What is needed for them to achieve this, is the removal of time constraints, to have quick and simple access to sufficient relevant and accurate information.

Our step by step approach:

  • ANALYSIS: Assessment of our clients requirements and preferences.
  • SERVICE SEARCH: Perform an in depth search to match our clients requirements with the company which offer those services most closely.
  • PRE-VETTING:  Obtaining provisional approval of our client by the service provider.
  • COMPARISON: Provide comparisons on the appropriate service providers including their business profiles and charging structures.
  • INTRODUCTION: Clients are introduced to their chosen company.
  • VERIFICATION: Liaising with the client and the service provider to ensure all required application documents are in order.
  • MONITORING:  Monitoring the on boarding process until the new business is accepted and complete.
  • TRIAGE: Case review to identify any other client needs and facilitate solutions where applicable.

We can help you to identify the right solution in the following areas: