20141007_183454_resizedJyske Bank (Gibraltar) Ltd has finalised a major refurbishment project on their Main Street office. The premises at 76 Main Street, formerly Galliano Bank until Jyske Bank acquired the local bank in 1987, were modernised and opened its doors on the 7th of October.

Quote from http://jyskebank.com/:

“Local CEO Christian Bjorlow re-affirmed the commitment given by Jyske Bank in 1987 to continue offering banking services to local clients. “Many of our clients today were originally clients of Galliano Bank and our relationship with them is still strong. We wish to build on our experience and presence in Gibraltar, and this is a key cornerstone to our local operation”. He goes on to say, “This will be a big project for our Bank but we believe in Gibraltar as an excellent base to build our business and are very optimistic about the future”.

The project, for which planning started in the summer of 2012, improved the ground and first floor of the premises situated at the corner between Main Street and Bedlam Court, and took around 9-12 months to complete.

The end result is a modernised office with a contemporary look and improved facilities for clients. There are more meeting areas and additional space for a growing Retail Banking team that is servicing most of the Bank’s local clients.

Jyske Bank’s approach to business is for direct personal relationships with clients and to maintain a local presence. This project is designed to support these relationships with existing clients and accommodate new ones as the business grows.”

How2Agency was kindly invited to the event by Business Development Managers Carsten Hansen and Heather Randall and Carsten provided a great tour for How2Agency and How2Bank. We were impressed. Not a typical bank at all… all is done with a great attention to detail and comfort of both clients and employees.”

The new offices were officially opened by Albert Isola MP, Minister for Financial Services of Gibraltar. Many VIP guests attended and they were treated with very nice drinks and snacks with a typical Danish hospitality.

Video of opening:

Here is our photo report:

View from the Main street


Meeting room “Ocean”


Meeting room “Garden”


Outdoors garden


We call it “Sauna”, but it is actual meeting room for clients and staff


Lots of brilliant quotes


Luxury Dutch chandelier and very welcoming main reception with “living room” feel

20141007_180553_resized 20141007_180557_resized

Ed Baginskis, How2Agency, with a head of Jyske Business Development Carsten Hansen


Offices for employees, all refurbished and welcoming


Amazing desks which raise desk height electronically with a touch of a button,  wow!


Gib theme


Home cabinet feel in the reception, high quality wood and leather


Meeting room “Bodega”…. stunning

20141007_182005_resized 20141007_182016_resized

We will be definitely coming back again!

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