saving money

  1. The Bank accepts and agrees with the terms of the Depositor.
  2. The Depositor has the right to change the term of the deposit, the interest rate and any other conditions at any time in its sole discretion.
  3. The Bank is considered to be aware and in agreement to the new terms of the deposit if the Depositor has placed a notice about it in his blog or in the announcement in his porch.
  4. The Bank shall provide collateral with its property, as well as a guarantee from at least two systemic banks, one of which is the central bank.
  5. The Bank is obliged to insure the benefit of the Depositor in the specified named insurance company under the terms of the Depositor.
  6. The Depositor has the right to transfer its deposit to other banks and credit organizations.
  7. The Bank is obliged to immediately notify the Depositor of all suspicious transactions and situations that can lead to a deterioration in the financial condition of the bank, revocation of licence and etc..
  8. The Bank shall pay the Depositor a fee for placing a deposit, for opening of the deposit account and for the consideration of the application.
  9. Bank and all of its employees are responsible with all their property and all their income for the unconditional refund of the deposit.

And below – a few additions in small print with asterisks*** 🙂