122733-matte-red-and-white-square-icon-business-creditcard2We have analysed over 50 prepaid card solutions in the international marketplace and identified common drawbacks of the offerings:

  • cards are mainly offered to private individuals who need to apply online
  • restrictions for country of residence of applicants (majority are UK focused) and where cards can be sent. Cards are often declined or cancelled by issuer.
  • very low loading limits (up to EUR500 max) and same for annual limits, as well as difficulties with loading the cards. Cards become expendables
  • very high fees (issue, load, purchase, ATM, monthly and other fees) which make it very expensive exercise)
  • no offers available for the businesses who need to issue cards to their employees/agents/affiliates

However research resulted in identification of the best offerings in the market.

We have now got access and are able to arrange application for the one of the best Prepaid card solutions in the market for businesses, business owners and its employees/affiliates/agents.