New Service – Banking for Cryptocurrency businesses and other services

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In the response to the increasing demand from our clients we have launched the new service - How2Coin. It comes as a natural progression of the business in line of the changing business environment and is very relevant to the challenges of other issues How2Agency is helping to resolve for our clients - payments, banking, [...]

Report from Cryptocurrency (bitcoin) Seminar hosted by KPMG and Hassans in Gibraltar

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Seminar title and slogan "Baffled by Bitcoin? Confused by Crypto? " has attracted more than 100 people from various local businesses. It is no wonder, as when the host asked the audience - how many people heard about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency - all raised their hands, but when asked - who can say they know what it [...]

The end of bank secrecy in tax matters in the EU

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Member State tax authorities agreed they will automatically exchange information with each other on most categories of income and capital held by private individuals and certain entities. The measures promise full and lasting tax transparency in Europe. "Bank secrecy is dead", declared Algirdas Šemeta EU Tax Commissioner Please read memo called Automatic exchange of information: frequently asked [...]