How can you save?Savings

Banks have many products available to allow you to save and grow your money.

The products available are but not limited to

  • Savings accounts – when you put small amounts of money to one side on a regular basis to build into bigger lump sums, for example saving for a car, holiday or towards a childs education. These are usually instant access accounts and therefore interest could be lower than for fixed term products.
  • Fixed term deposits – when you put larger amounts of money as a lump sum for a longer and fixed period, could be 3, 6, 13 months or even longer like 1-5 years. Interest rate is usually but not always higher the longer the term.
  • Structured deposits – can be any one of wide range of investments which can offer income or capital growth, or combination of both. Usually they are fixed for a period of time 1-10 years and offer full or partial capital protection.
  • Other – there are number of other ways which you could choose to try to maintain, protect or grow your savings, for which you would need to contact your bank or financial adviser directly, as we do not provide any financial advice. These types of savings are generally known as investments. Sometimes they hold a higher degree of risk and therefore require financial advice offered by regulated and correctly licensed financial organisation.

One thing you could consider when selecting a bank to hold your savings is bank financial position and rating against the interest rate offered as well as capital protection schemes available.

Which way to save and what bank or financial organisation is suitable for you?

It depends on your personal requirements and circumstances.

By studying carefully your individual requirements and circumstances we will provide you information about available options which allow you to compare and make informed choice.

We can provide you information on up to date savings offers from banks and compare on individual request.

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